Ep. 76: How to Find Your Work-Life Balance

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Join us this week as we explore the theme of the latest issue of SUCCESS magazine: priorities. We get work-life balance tips from international speaker Carrie Wilkerson. We talk with Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory, about how he quit worrying about money and found real worth by shifting his priorities. And we round out the episode with 10 steps you can take today to make living your priorities simpler.


  • Wilkerson gives three tips for a healthy work-life balance:
    • Know your core priorities.
    • Share them with the people around you; get everyone on the same page.
    • When you make a plan, follow through. Let others see your consistency.
  • Drawing inspiration from The Matrix, Bilyeu gives his take on the red pill, blue pill scenario: “When I talk about taking the red pill, I’m really just talking about waking up to the way that the world really is…. I realized that all of my priorities were out of whack and I was living the cliché of money can buy happiness…. You really need to structure your life around something that you’re going to enjoy and love, even if you’re failing.”
  • Plus, Shelby and Josh share an action plan for making progress in your life:
    • Assess your relationships. Could they be improved in any way?
    • Make sure your goals are still attractive to you. If not, refine them.
    • Be patient. People and circumstances change.
    • Get obsessed with achieving your goals.
    • Be deliberate. Take action and hold yourself accountable.
    • Get real with the people around you. Share your struggles.
    • Refocus when you need to.
    • Stress less.
    • Write down the five most important things to you, then prioritize them.
    • Chase fulfillment, not money, power or status.
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Favorite quote from this episode:

“Quite honestly, I believe that perfect life balance is a myth. What’s good for you isn’t going to be perfect for me…. Instead of us thinking of balancing precariously on this tightrope, think of the waves on a shore. There’s ebb and flow, and there’s rhythm.”

Carrie Wilkerson

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