Ep. 73: 8 Keys to Workplace Etiquette

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Etiquette… a thing of the past or a necessary practice that has changed with the times? Shelby and Josh explore the meaning of etiquette and manners on this week’s episode. They sit down with the great-great-grandson of Emily Post, and they share eight keys to nailing workplace etiquette.

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  • Daniel Post Senning, great-great-grandson of Emily Post and president of the Emily Post Institute, defines the difference between etiquette and manners: “We talk about etiquette being a combination of manners and principles. And the manners are a big part of it, but to me, an even bigger part or an equally important part are those core principles of consideration, respect and honesty.”
  • Josh and Shelby pull some etiquette tips straight from the SUCCESS.com article, “8 Keys to Nailing Workplace Etiquette”:
    • Give your full attention to the person in front of you, not your phone.
    • Know when to make exceptions to the rule above, like when your boss is calling.
    • Don’t use your phone as a security blanket in social settings.
    • Don’t drink too much at the office happy hour.
    • When writing reference letters, focus on the good.
    • If you get stuck while writing the letter, ask the former employee if any projects should be highlighted.
    • Check your office guidelines about workplace fraternizing.
    • And finally, don’t stress about workplace etiquette. Rely on your intuition.

Favorite quote from this episode:

“Any time you have two people who come together, you have etiquette. Etiquette isn’t a rigid code of manners. It’s simply how people’s lives touch one another.”

Emily Post

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