Ep. 72: Is No News Good News?

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They say no news is good news, but is that true? Join Josh and Shelby as they explore the ways that the news can actually be good for you. They sit down with Carlos Watson, co-founder of Ozy.com, an innovative news site that features very different stories from the regular news. On the flip side, hear what happens when you avoid the news all together.

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  • Watson weighs in on whether or not we should avoid the 24-hour news cycle: “I definitely appreciate people sometimes going to take news breaks… I think there’s got to be a way that I can show you more of the world that doesn’t just wear you down and wear you out—and that, in fact, informs you, maybe provokes you sometimes but also kind of stimulates you and makes you think bigger…. Go ahead and mark me down as one of those guys who hopes that we don’t have to choose between smart and sexy―that something can be both.”
  • Watson shares a few questions to determine if a news site is well balanced:
    • How many ways are they attempting to tell the story? Audio, film, listicles, infographics, etc.?
    • Do they tell it like it is? Not all stories have happy endings.
    • Do the stories have many sides, providing smart and flavorful content?
    • How many sources do the stories have?
    • Are the reporting teams diverse in age, gender and ethnicity?
    • Do they attempt to cover many different stories, and not only the big headlines?
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Favorite quote from this episode:

“We have to believe that our media is going to be smart and thoughtful and not just bring more noise, but give us insight. And there’s a place in the market for the BuzzFeeds of the world, but we’ve also got to have a few OZY’s that’ll try to be insightful as well as enjoyable.”

Carlos Watson

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