Ep. 61: How to Organize Your World, the Marie Kondo Way

This week’s episode is sponsored by FreshBooks. Have you KonMari’ed your life? Shelby sits down in person with best-selling author and businesswoman Marie Kondo with her translator to discuss ways to find joy in simple living and how it can improve your life. Plus, Josh and Shelby discuss the KonMari method of organizing that has become a worldwide phenomenon, has become the basis for a successful organization franchise and has even inspired a two-part Japanese TV show.

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  • The KonMari method is about confronting your possessions, specifically by identifying their value. Kondo explains how this helps you to focus on the important things and find balance in your life.
  • Plus, she shares the one thing she always keeps in her room for a joyous outlook.
  • For all the mothers, Kondo gives tips for balancing mementos and knickknacks with a need to declutter.
    • Recognize that your child’s artwork sparks joy.
    • But let things run their course—as your kids grow up, consider clearing out.
    • Discard with gratitude by donating to others.


Favorite quote from this episode:

“What you are doing when you are organizing is you are honing your sensitivity to what sparks joy. You are increasing your sensitivity, and this ability can be applied to other aspects of your life, such as career, and also your relationship with other people.”

Marie Kondo

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