Ep. 59: Be a Badass at Making Money

This week’s episode is sponsored by FreshBooks. Josh and Shelby sit down with author and success coach Jen Sincero to talk about her new book, You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth. And they bring the discussion full circle, sharing how you can take your new badass attitude about money and translate it into a thriving business in the YouEconomy.

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The way we feel about money can sneak its way into our subconscious belief system. Sincero shares some of the thought patterns people associate with their cash:

  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Money is hard to make.
  • Money comes from working hard, not smart.
  • Money causes guilt (when spent).

Sincero says these are fear-based thoughts. It takes a wealthy mindset to start earning with intent: “If you’re walkin’ around saying, I’m broke, the economy sucks, my job sucks, there’s no good opportunities out thereIf you believe that and you keep focusing on that, you will find endless amounts of proof that that is indeed true.”

Thirty-three percent of adults have earned money through the YouEconomy, an economic space that ranges from Lyft drivers to major entrepreneurs. Here are some tips for starting a business from freelance journalist Emma Johnson:

  • Convert your dream into a business plan.
  • Identify the skills you have and the skills you’ll need.
  • Get some insight from others in the YouEconomy.
  • Start your business as a side gig to test the waters.
  • Leverage your résumé when promoting a new business.
  • Make sure you’re free of all contracts that bar you from starting a business, like non-compete agreements.

Favorite quote from this episode:

“We’re all born in the natural flow of things, which includes money. And we basically learn to be afraid. It’s so fascinating. Little babies don’t worry about the fact that, ya know, they may have a fat butt or they may look stupid…. Or ya know, that they’ll be judged if they make a lot of money. These are learned fears.”

Jen Sincero

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