Ep. 55: 3 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

On today’s episode, Josh and Shelby sit down with best-selling author and leading high-performance coach Brendon Burchard to discuss the power of Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. They explore how Burchard changed his life using Coach’s principles, and they dive deep into how the Pyramid can be a life-changing resource for you, as it has been for so many others.

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  • Burchard recalls a tipping point in his college days that led him to a life of personal development. Plus, he explains in detail what attracted him to Coach Wooden’s principles:
    • A record of getting results, as proven by 10 NCAA championships
    • His ability to lead young men on and off the court
    • His roadmap to greatness, The Pyramid of Success
  • Burchard shares two ideas from Wooden’s Pyramid that had the biggest impact on his life:
    • Industriousness
      • “There’s kind of two pillars at the very left of the Pyramid and the very right of the Pyramid, on the base, that he structured it around…. On one side was Industriousness, which is hard work, and perseverance, resourcefulness—all kind of coming together in this concept that, you’ve got to show up each day and go through those challenges and work hard even when there is a lot of struggle. And I was struggling. So that spoke to me.”
    • Enthusiasm
      • “A very recent study showed that almost out of all personality traits, the one that mattered the most to a person’s long-term well-being or overall happiness was Enthusiasm.”

More tools for success

  • Get access to The Path to Greatness, a free one-time-only live event hosted by Burchard that expands on Wooden’s success principles.
  • For more blogs, videos and personal development tips from Wooden, go to: TheWoodenEffect.com.

Favorite quote from this episode

“What Coach really did so well, is he tapped into that ability to a make the greatest amount of effort based on who [you] are or where [you’re] at. Part of his success definition is having peace of mind that can only come through self-satisfaction—you know you gave your best that you were capable of.”

Brendon Burchard

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