Ep. 51: Negotiate Your Way Through Life

Everything is negotiable. At least that is what SUCCESS Managing Editor Jesus Jimenez learned. On this week’s episode, Josh and Shelby explore the need for negotiation skills in our everyday lives. They chat with Jimenez about how he learned to bargain for everything, including toilet paper. They “go for no” with authors and experts on the word, Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton. Plus they share some great tips for negotiating within your personal and professional relationships.

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  • Shelby shares a few tips for asking for a raise (and actually getting it).
  • Jesus recaps his week of haggling, bargaining and negotiating. In addition to a few good deals, he also found the courage to tackle the fear of failure.
  • Andrea Waltz explains the power of no: “Go for no, as we’ve coined the phrase… is really about intentionally increasing the number of times that people say no to you… It’s really about understanding the relationship between yes and no and that you can’t have one without the other. I mean you can’t get a lot of yes’ in your business or in your life without hearing lots of no’s too—that’s the reality.”
  • Richard Fenton shares three tips to handle a tough no:
    • Control your emotional response to the word—it’s easy to get upset.
    • Change your meaning of no and minimize the celebration of yes.
    • Leave your comfort zone to get familiar with each feeling.

Favorite quote:

“Tone is really important. So is empathy—being able to create that personal connection with someone makes it a lot easier to ask for what you want, rather than telling them what you want.”

Jesus Jimenez

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