Ep. 48: 3 Ways to Make Your Resolution Stick

Ep. 48: 3 Ways to Make Your Resolution Stick

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Are you well on your way to achieving those goals for the new year? This week is part two in our series on New Year’s resolutions. Shelby and Josh discuss how they plan to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Plus, they share some great tips for how you can stay on top of your goals throughout the year. John Addison chimes in with three tips he suggests for staying resolute. And we chat with Alexa von Tobel, founder of the financial planning company LearnVest, about maintaining money resolutions.


  • Von Tobel shares some helpful tips for sticking to a resolution:
    • Get the support you need by sharing your goals with others.
    • Break down big goals into actionable plans.
    • Kick off your resolution with any action that gets you started (like cleaning your wallet or purse if your resolution is financial).
  • And Josh and Shelby share a few extra tips from SUCCESS.com:
  • Addison tells the truth about setting resolutions and how to make them work: “Don’t make this long list of things that you’re not really gonna do… Focus less on long-term resolutions and focus more on day-by-day activity.”

Favorite Quote From This Episode:

“We know that it takes on average about 60 days to really change a behavior, and so what’s unfortunate is that one in three Americans predict before they even get started that they’re not gonna keep their resolution. So I would say that’s really a commitment issue, which is you’re kind of, ya know, halfheartedly making a resolution.”

Alexa von Tobel

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