Ep. 34: The Uber Episode

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This episode is sponsored by the Small Business Revolution, championed by Deluxe. As a leading provider of marketing services and products for small business Deluxe Corporation believes that small businesses are vital to the small towns that make this country great.

This week is an Uber-packed episode, literally, with a special two-part expanded show. Uber is a prime example of the YouEconomy, a movement that is allowing people to take control of their time, their lives, and ultimately their success. Shelby and Josh talk with a real-life Uber driver about what it’s really like to drive for Uber.

“It’s kind of addicting at first,” Stephen Woloszyn says. “I would catch myself sometimes driving eight to ten hours a day. The next ride could be a $50 ride, you never know.” But it’s hard to keep up that kind of stamina, so Stephen shares how he balances his time.

We get some Uber insights, and more, from Harry Campbell of the Ride Share Guy blog and podcast. “One of the nice things about working for Uber is that they make it very easy to get signed up, and it’s a very low barrier to entry,” Campbell says.

Plus SUCCESS contributor Jeff Vrabel drops in to share the perspective he gained about his community while driving for Uber. “After a few days I had only a handful of passengers, but an Evernote doc full of disconnected oddly-rich details,” Vrabel says. “I’ve got a week’s worth of advice, leads and conversation about topics I wouldn’t much encounter in my day-to-day.”

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  • We hear what a typical day as an Uber driver is like, and why talkative customers can make the difference in how many hours this Uber driver works.
  • An honest look at the good and bad of driving for Uber or other similar apps
  • People in the YouEconomy have 3 things in common:
    • They have more control over how they spend their time than average employees.
    • They have more control over their income than average employees.
    • They’re actively learning and exploring new ways to create prosperity for themselves.
  • The mistake many people make when they sign up as an Uber driver
  • What the most common Uber vehicle is and the surprisingly high average rating they must maintain
  • Harry shares tales of the most difficult riders he’s encountered.
  • Are you supposed to leave a cash tip on Uber? The ride sharing expert shares his thoughts.
  • Strategies to make more money as an Uber driver

Favorite quote from this episode:

“You can turn the app on and off whenever you want and do as few or as many rides as you want without having to schedule, without having to get approval from a boss.”

Harry Campbell, rideshareguy.com

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