Ep. 33: Healthy Living Equals Successful Living

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Why is your health such a big part of your success? To answer that question, Josh and Shelby talk to Tom Bilyeu, Quest Nutrition co-founder and host of the Inside Quest podcast, about how to improve both your physical and mental health with one step.

“The more I learned about the mind, the more I realized there was this inherent feedback loop with the body and the mind,” Bilyeu says. “If you really want to maximize your mind as a mental athlete, which is what I think of businesspeople as, then you have to optimize your body as well.”

Bilyeu founded his company, best known for the QuestBar protein bar, for a very personal reason: He came from a morbidly obese family and saw his uncle suffer until his death because of his poor diet and health. He helps others discover their “why” for better health.


  • Why Tom considers businesspeople as mental athletes and how you can train your mind like one.
  • How to recognize the connection between peak performance of your mind and what you feed your body.
  • Why all fat is not created equal: The difference between healthy fats, damaged fats and what a trans fat really is.
  • Why Tim Ferriss puts three pats of butter in his coffee.
  • How to quantify your health with complete blood panels and what blood results you should pay particular attention to.
  • You can’t outrun a bad diet,” Tom says. He explains why 85% of your health comes down to what you eat—and what you shouldn’t eat.
  • We break down some common-sense health tips you can use now: Eat whole foods, eat breakfast, drink water and exercise.
  • “Reduce your risk of death”: We discuss.

Favorite quote from this episode:

“Every seven years every cell in your body turns over. So, you are literally what you eat.”

—Tom Bilyeu

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