Ep. 32: Tips for Better Decision Making

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How to make a decision is the topic of this week’s episode where Josh and Shelby discuss the November cover of SUCCESS magazine featuring Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly and share a clip from this month’s SUCCESS Talks interview about finding your “zone of genius.”

“Most of us spend our lives operating in our zone of excellence,” Megyn says. “That can be quite soul killing in a way because it keeps us in jobs that we’re good at, but that might not make us happy. It isn’t until you get into your zone of genius, where your top skill matches your passion, that you’re firing on the same cylinder as the thing that you want to do the most.”

Our hosts test the theory of automating small decisions to make head room for big decisions and share Zig Ziglar’s tips for making a good decision.

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  • The difference between your zone of excellence, where your skills lie, and your zone of genius, where your top skill matches your passion.
  • Clues to recognize which zone you’re operating in
  • When you’ve got too much information, here’s how to avoid going off the deep end in decision making.
  • What happens when you automate small decisions to free up mental energy for larger decisions
  • 4 ways to automate your life and make less decisions daily
    • Create a wardrobe uniform
    • Have a place for everything
    • Auto-ship products you routinely buy
    • Turn no-brainer decisions into habits
  • Readers Maura Colaizzo, Anu Sharma, Patrick Allmond, Alex Barker, Lina Pentheroudaki and Mark Prodoehl share the best decision they ever made
  • Zig Ziglar’s 5 ways to make a good decision
    • Sleep on it
    • Take time
    • Weigh the pros and cons
    • Seek advice
    • Reflect

Favorite quote from this episode:

“Even though you might be very good at your job, do you feel passionate about it? And if you don’t, you’re probably not in your zone of genius.”

Megyn Kelly

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