Ep. 3: Relationship Boot Camp


3 tips for being more likable at work. Josh and Shelby channel Dr. Drew “Loveline” to discuss relationship faux pas they’ve made. Plus, a SUCCESS reader who’s been married 20 times and says you should follow this piece of advice.

Relationships, both personal and professional, can be difficult. When you see the same person day after day, it’s easy to forget how important their presence and contribution is to your business or life. Let this be your reminder.


  • Is it important to be likable at work? Researchers Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan say yes because relationships aren’t logical, they’re emotional.
  • People with high levels of emotional intelligence achieve success. Do you have it?
  • Josh discovers his team’s need for emotional, not just verbal, feedback. Do you give it?
  • Reader Story: Evan Money has been married 20 times—to the same woman. What’s his secret to a lasting relationship?

Favorite Quote from this Episode:

“That’s a great leadership trait. Ultimately you need to make the final decision, but asking people for their feedback and really valuing that feedback is definitely a leadership skill that will take you far.”

—Shelby Skrhak

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