Ep. 23: The Secrets of Great Teamwork

With the Rio 2016 Olympic games in full swing, Josh and Shelby discuss the latest SUCCESS magazine cover featuring Team USA gymnast Gabby Douglas and how we can all assemble a winning team. We chat with Don Yaeger about his book Great Teams: 16 Things High Performing Organizations Do Differently and give quick tips for maintaining your competitive edge.

But are the concepts of team competition and individual performance at odds with each other? As Yaeger points out in this episode, competing on both levels is something we have in common with elite athletes, such as Douglas. As employees and team members, we work together to move the needle, but we also compete internally to show our best selves. “Our individual best contributes to the team best,” Yaeger says.

Don and Josh also discuss the success principles of legendary coach John Wooden for a upcoming online learning course for SUCCESS coming in Fall/Winter 2016.


  • Why having a great team can be a difference maker in your personal performance
  • Great teams have these 4 things in common
  • How to apply the acronym T.E.A.M. to your leadership practices
  • Ways to determine your team’s “why” and why it matters
  • Why hiring for a good fit is more important than hiring for skill
  • When it comes to competition within a team, why you should differentiate between healthy and unhealthy internal competition
  • A look ahead to a new SUCCESS Academy e-learning course about the timeless lessons of the late UCLA basketball coach John Wooden
  • Quick tips to sharpen your competitive mindset

Favorite quote from this episode:

“We all perform better when we have a sense of confidence. Winning is a habit… losing is too, by the way.”

—Don Yaeger

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