Entrepreneurs’ Optimism Outweighs Worry

Entrepreneurs express more optimism about their future than regular workers, Gallup reports, even though they also are a bit likelier to say they experience stress and worry. So upbeat are entrepreneurs that 30 percent of those polled imagine that in five years they’ll enjoy their “best possible life,” as compared with 25  percent of other workers. Most entrepreneurs surveyed also said they learned or did something interesting and generally enjoyed a lot of what they did the previous day.

These results are “a little surprising on the surface,” says Dan Witters, research director, Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. Entrepreneurs’ reduced health care coverage and elevated financial liability “are big drivers of their extra worry and stress that they carry around every day. Ordinarily these metrics would be associated with lower levels of optimism for the future, not higher.”

But pursuing a profession that brings extra daily enjoyment and opportunities to learn new and interesting things provides a sort of counterbalance, Witters says. Plus, maybe it’s in the nature of entrepreneurs, who are “a special class of Americans” holding “a pretty positive view of the future generally.”

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