Empowering Tomorrow’s Achievers: SUCCESS for Teens in Action

High school graduations are just around the corner, and hundreds of thousands of teenagers are making decisions that will shape their futures. The SUCCESS Foundation equips them with the wisdom to make smart choices and counter negative peer pressure through its SUCCESS for Teens program and book.

Supported by charitable contributions, the foundation donates the book and program to schools and organizations. SUCCESS for Teens, told in teenagers’ own words, so far has helped more than 2 million kids set goals, take small steps toward those goals, develop positive habits and learn from failure rather than fear it.

We recently talked to students at Naaman Forest High School in Garland, Texas, who use these lessons. Here’s what they said about SUCCESS for Teens.

“I think it’s absolutely necessary for kids to read the book and look at other kids in similar situations. Whenever you can read about another kid in the same situation, it’s a whole lot easier to relate.”
– Daulton O’Neill, 17

“I’m so thankful for people who donate their money to help our generation fulfill our dreams. These are things we can relate to and things that will help our future.”
– Brittney Justice, 17

“No one ever tells you what success really is; that’s why I like the book. It helps you to learn the steps to take to be successful.”
– Will Dial, 18

For details about making a tax-deductible gift to the SUCCESS Foundation, contact Leah McCann at 940-497-9700 or [email protected] For information about the SUCCESS Foundation, visit SUCCESSFoundation.org.

Through the SUCCESS Foundation’s Text2Give program, you can use your cellphone to empower teens in your community. Simply text the word SUCCESS (capital letters required) to 85944 and reply YES (in capital letters) to contribute $5 to the foundation’s SUCCESS for Teens program.


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