Don’t Avoid Your Fears—Embrace Them

In this episode of Behind the Brand, Bryan Elliott talks to Seth Godin about the importance of learning to embrace fear.

When things seem impossible, Godin relies on a specific mental compass, on feelings of shame and resistance, to remind himself that he’s on the right path. He knows that when he feels these emotions, he is exactly where he needs to be: in a place of discomfort that will challenge his growth. But to fully embrace the uncertainty of a new path, he embraces the discomfort most people flee from—an act that helps him navigate in a world where the “success manual” has been rewritten.

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“There’s this bitterness of people who persuaded themselves that the world owed them this stable risk-free life, and now that the Industrial Age is going away and it’s not being given to them, they think it’s someone else’s fault,” he says.

These generations gave up their creative spark in exchange for the promise of becoming rich, Godin says. The Industrial Age provided an abundance of work and security—but when traditional industries began to shift, some people failed to shift themselves.

“All creatures, particularly humans, will do almost anything to avoid fear…. The magic of the Industrial Revolution is the Henry Fords of the world showed up and said, ‘You don’t have to be afraid. You merely have to do what I say,’” Godins says.

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