Did You Know About Hug Your Cat Day?

Got a cat? Count yourself doggone lucky. Studies show that interacting with your cat is a meaningful way to lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and possibly add years to your life. In honor of the annual kitty-clinching holiday on June 4, boost your peace of mind by embracing these five feline mantras:

1. Live in the present. Stop pussyfooting around by getting caught up in should-have or what-if thinking. Act more like your purring cat who enjoys being in the now.

2. Value solitude. Most cats don’t stick to you like Velcro every second of the day. Spending time alone is highly underrated. Recharge by treating yourself to five minutes of just-me time each day.

3. Be unapologetically candid. Cats ask for what they want and can be quite persistent in pursuing their goals. So if you want something, go for it.

4. Take power naps. A catnap, lasting no more than 20  minutes, can relax, recharge and revive you.

5. Unleash the power of play. Take five minutes daily to play with your cat by wiggling a feather wand toy for him to stalk and pounce upon. This interaction fosters a stronger friendship, fends off boredom and delivers a mini-mental workout for the both of you.

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