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The evolving landscape of work-life culture is undergoing a shift, with remote work becoming increasingly prevalent. According to Upwork, it is projected that more than 36 million Americans will transition to remote work by 2025, accounting for about 22% of the total workforce. Amid this transition, maintaining a thriving and positive work-life culture poses a considerable challenge for organizations. This is where Culturefy, Inc., created by Robert “Crowne” Johnson, can be a solution.

Since founding IMC, a management consulting and professional services firm, Crowne has been specializing in combining branding and culture to foster quicker, more positive outcomes for brands. Guided by his core philosophy, Crowne works with companies to pair human capital strategies with creative execution, empowering organizational change and fostering business performance through people performance.

Crowne’s philosophy

“Modern businesses can lose sight of the fact that running a company is about more than products, profits or even branding in the traditional sense,” Crowne shares. “The true strength of any organization—be it a business, a nonprofit or religious entity—is its people.”

Crowne’s philosophy is based on a profound belief in the transformative power of the human heart. He emphasizes that people aren’t assets; they’re the soul of any organization. “We have to understand and nurture and align aspirations, skills and values of the people in an organization,” Crowne says. “That is how a company can unlock new areas of growth, creativity, productivity and loyalty.”

His method hinges on pairing human capital strategies with creative execution as a holistic approach to organizational growth. Instead of simply treating employees like cogs in a machine, Crowne’s approach acknowledges every individual’s diverse talents, experiences and potential. It also recognizes that when employees are empowered and their talents channeled effectively, they become ambassadors of the brand—lending authenticity and credibility in a way that no advertising campaign can match.

Crowne’s philosophy revolves around three key points:

  • Plan: This involves understanding the current organizational structure, the inherent strengths of its human capital, and envisioning where the company needs to be. It’s a step that calls for introspection, foresight and a deep understanding of both market dynamics and human psychology.
  • Position: Once a plan is in place, the next step is positioning. This means aligning the right people with the right roles, ensuring the human capital strategies are in sync with the company’s broader goals. It’s about placing individuals where they can shine brightest, thereby illuminating the entire organization.
  • Possess: The final step is about ownership. When employees feel a sense of ownership and belonging, their commitment to the company’s mission becomes amplified. “Possess” is about cultivating a culture where every team member feels they have a stake in the company’s success.

Culturefy’s approach

Culturefy is taking Crowne’s philosophy to new heights with plans to launch an AI-driven platform. Its purpose is to redefine the way people connect with, engage with and empower their teams across various industries. Bridging the gap between human resources and marketing leaders, Culturefy aims to utilize AI and machine learning to identify opportunities for organizational enhancement, unify leaders and teams and inspire them to take action in solving business challenges. This platform is meant to drive change and propel business performance through people in a way that improves the overall work-life culture and employer brand for corporations.

“We feel the most revolutionary approach can also be the simplest,” Crowne says. “We focus on the people. We understand their strengths. And we position them effectively. We are trying to chart a course for sustainable growth and success in a rapidly changing business environment.”

A future of collaboration and innovation

The Culturefy platform includes resources for culture checks, human capital strategies, employer branding, talent management, leadership learning, change management and diversity, equity and inclusion with the goal of fostering a positive, performance-oriented workforce.

“Imagine a world where every employee, regardless of industry or role, feels a profound sense of purpose and belonging. A world where collaboration transcends boundaries and innovation flourishes at every turn,” Crowne says. “This is the world we are building with Culturefy.”

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