Chris Guerriero: Stop Chasing Weight Loss Fads

‘Great Weight Loss Ideas’ almost ruined my life,  so stop information overload from ruining yours.

Great weight loss techniques are completely worthless. That’s a true statement 99.7 percent of the time.

Great weight loss techniques are a scam on oneself. That’s also a true statement 99.7 percent of the time.

Great weight loss techniques NEVER make you thin, lean, healthy or sexy! Also a true statement 99.7 percent of the time.

Great weight loss techniques almost ruined my life and my business. That’s when I put a stop to them.

As soon as I saw this horrifying trend in the industry years ago, I stopped testing out new technique after new technique on my clients.

You see, I define information overload as a condition whereby weight loss techniques come to you in such abundance that you have trouble keeping up with all of them.

When you turn on the television you see them, when you listen to the radio you hear about them, when you enter a store you see signs for them; they’re all there. They’re “new” and proclaim to have finally found a revolutionary combination of exercises, or diets, or nutrients, or some other new gadget that promises you the body of a model or of a bodybuilder with hardly any work on your part.

For nearly 17 years, my staff and I tested all the new products we came across, trying to determine what worked and what didn’t.

When we found a technique that worked, we tested it and tested it and tested it again to make sure it worked every time it was used by someone.

But there was one common denominator—everything that worked, everything that was actually getting people great results, was already known to man.

Not many of the “new” techniques were actually working.

Every few days, another technique came across my desk that was supposed to make people thin and healthy. With something “new” all the time, people who were trying to lose weight simply got caught up on information overload. They had too much information, no idea how to get started, and when they did start, they changed direction every time they came across another “miracle weight loss technique.” It’s a vicious cycle that continues today.

Does any of this sound familiar? To many, you know this scenario all too well.

Information overload is an enemy, one that, if not controlled, will hold hostage your goals and dreams.

There’s only one way out. Decide on one tried and true weight loss program that “does it” for you. And open fire on the enemy with your only weapon.

Take action—massive action.

It’s the step that changed my life and the lives of my clients around the world.

Here’s to your mega-health,
Christopher Guerriero


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