Chase Chappell of Talks About Getting Big Name Clients


PUBLISHED: October 28, 2022
Chase Chappell

If there was one industry where small businesses or individual players had a chance to catch big-name clients, it would be digital marketing. Even though it’s a multi-billion dollar industry with a lot of businesses allocating chunks of their advertising budgets to digital, there’s still an air of novelty and freshness around it—and it’s people like Chase Chappell who are responsible for it.

Chase Chappell is an entrepreneur with a flair for digital marketing, specifically Facebook and TikTok advertising. He has an advertising and media buying agency, Chappell Digital Marketing, and an ad tracking and attribution platform, Chappell is a high school dropout and a largely self-taught marketer, but it only takes a few minutes of listening to him on a podcast to realize that he’s good—prodigy-level good.

His clients see it, too. Chappell has been chosen by brands such as 7-Eleven and Power Crunch to manage their ads—including many other brands like Rye 51 and Mindy Lam. He’s worked with countless other, smaller brands too, but the big ones tend to attract attention and the obligatory question— how did he do it?

Providing a Valuable Service

Chappell’s core service is to ensure that the businesses he works with get the most significant possible return on the money they invest in digital advertising. Some campaigns contribute to the ROI more directly, others don’t, but one way or another, they should affect the bottom line for the better.

Chappell knows how to get results. “My first client was able to retire after two years of working with me,” he says. “I lost my one client by getting too good of results.” And he has kept doing the same thing ever since.

In his Facebook and TikTok ad training program, Chappell could get accounts from zero to a million dollars a month within six months. He tripled six-figure accounts in 90 days and has taught thousands of people how they could do the same with their business. At the same time, he created to solve a problem that’s been bothering the whole industry.

Publicize Success

Success has its attractive power, but only if people know about it. That’s why it’s also essential for successful agencies and individuals to document their accomplishments and put them out there for others to see.

“We used our experience with the client who retired based on our success to create a case study,” says Chappell. “That case study kickstarted the growth of the agency.”

Chappell and his team have been documenting their clients’ experiences and publishing them on their website, but they weren’t the only ones. As a Meta Business Partner, Chappell Digital had the results of their work for Power Crunch featured by Meta on their Business Partner page. That must have spread the word and made some heads turn.

“We’ve had situations where TikTok has been impressed by the numbers we were getting for our clients, and that kind of attention is always good,” Chappell says. “But ultimately, we’re versatile and adaptable as organizations, and our services are the same. And we’ll be just fine if we have a way to provide some real value and get the word about it out.”

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