Joel Osteen: How Our Words Determine Our Future

By jkrampe / November 8, 2013 /

Darren Hardy talks to Joel Osteen, who is featured on the November 2013 cover of SUCCESS, about the power of words. Osteen says you must say what you want to be, whether it is strong, talented or successful, and you will gravitate toward that. “If you want to know where you’re going to be five…

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Todd Duncan: Silver Lining Living

By jkrampe / November 4, 2013 /

As part two of the 90-day personal development challenge to overcome failure, author and entrepreneur Todd Duncan speaks about silver lining living. Follow along with the audio; click here to access the PDF lesson and worksheet. Thesis: A setback is a setup for a comeback. Description: This lesson contains five truths about the power of positivity…

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Todd Duncan: Making Failure Your Friend

By Shelby / October 5, 2013 /

As part one of the 90-day personal development challenge to overcome failure, author and entrepreneur Todd Duncan speaks about making failure your friend. Follow along with the audio; click here to access the PDF lesson and worksheet. Thesis: Your psychological and physiological responses to failure do more to encourage or eliminate achievement than any single force.…

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Author Daniel Pink’s Sales Advice – Give People an Easy Way to Act

By Jessica Krampe / July 22, 2013 /

Darren Hardy asks best-selling author Daniel Pink to help bust the myth that the key to a good salesperson to move someone is to change their mind. “Changing the context, making it easy for people to act, giving them that very convenient off-ramp is profoundly, profoundly important.” Read how Daniel Pink is rethinking sales on…

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Daniel Pink: The Most Important Question in Sales is “Compared to What?”

By Jessica Krampe / July 19, 2013 /

Darren Hardy talks with best-selling author Daniel Pink about the sales myths he busts, including the myth that the most important question in moving others is to get them to ask, What’s in it for me? “The most important question is, Compared to what? We make decisions in relative ways.” 

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Gary White’s Tips for Social Entrepreneurs

By Jessica Krampe / July 3, 2013 /

Darren Hardy asks’s Gary White his advice for those pursuing a career as a social entrepreneur, or those who just want to make a social impact. “Find out what your greatest passion is…See if you can carve out a space in this world for your big idea.”

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Gary White, co-founder of, on Operating a Global Business

By Jessica Krampe / June 28, 2013 /

Darren Hardy talks to the co-founder of, Gary White, about how he handles cultural differences when operating a company with a global reach. “It has always been about really locating and retaining the talent that we need to operate locally by drawing on local labor markets, finding that talent locally.”

Read More’s Gary White’s Secrets to Managing Growth

By Jessica Krampe / June 21, 2013 /

Gary White, co-founder of with Matt Damon, talks with Darren Hardy about his leadership role with the nonprofit organization and how to manage its growth, including bringing on more people and the importance of partnerships. “For me, it’s just being tuned into the organization, both internally as well as those external opportunities.”

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Pete Cashmore’s Advice for New Entrepreneurs

By Jessica Krampe / May 31, 2013 /

Darren Hardy and Mashable’s founder Pete Cashmore sit down to talk about the challenges of starting out and being a brand new entrepreneur. “I had to do it very resourcefully. I think for me it was a good learning experience because once you learn to work with nothing, it becomes much easier to work with something.” 

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Alexa von Tobel’s Passion for Financial Planning

By Jessica Krampe / May 24, 2013 /

Darren Hardy talks with Alexa von Tobel, founder of LearnVest financial planning services, about her passion of personal finance and how she wants to help change people’s lives by helping them take control of their finances. “I have so much passion for the fact that we can actually solve financial anxiety here in the country by simply…

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