woman eating popsicle during summertime

11 Happy Quotes About Summertime

By Lydia Sweatt / June 21, 2019 /

Bring out the shades, because it’s officially summer! And as you head out into the sun, warm your mind with these summertime quotes.

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young woman inspired by personal development quotes

14 Personal Development Quotes to Inspire You to Invest in Yourself

By SUCCESS Staff / November 9, 2017 /

Need some motivation to invest in yourself? Let these personal development quotes inspire and empower you to level up your life.

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couple living a rich and happy life

15 Motivating Quotes About Becoming Rich & Living a Wealthy Life

By SUCCESS Staff / May 18, 2017 /

Before you go chasing money, read these 15 quotes about coming rich—and what it means to have a wealthy live.

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motivated, happy woman outdoors

5 Quotes that Motivated Me Out of the Projects

By Barbara Viteri / December 24, 2014 /

Do you ever feel like the odds are against you, making you want to give up? These five quotes will motivate you to keep going.

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