Personal Development

Confidence Comes in Small Packages, Just Ask Quvenzhané Wallis

By jjimenez / December 19, 2014 /

Most actresses fib about their ages, but few add years. Louisiana native Quvenzhané Wallis was only 5 when she auditioned for her first major film role, bucking the requirement that children should be 6 or older. But the confident kid was sure she could handle the job—and she wowed producers, critics and audiences. Quvenzhané became…

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Ways to Build and Lose Trust

14 Ways to Build (and Lose) Trust

By Frank Sonnenberg / December 17, 2014 /

Trust is not an abstract, theoretical, idealistic goal forever beyond our reach. Trust—or a lack of it—is inherent in every action that we take and affects everything that we do. Trust is the cement that binds relationships, keeping spouses together, business deals intact and political systems stable. Without trust, marriages fail, voters become apathetic and…

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Top of Mind: Who’s Your Role Model?

By SUCCESS Staff / December 15, 2014 /

I have several role models, but none more important than my mom. She is an immigrant who has overcome major challenges in life and has never quit. Her energy, discipline and raw enthusiasm are contagious and inspiring. My mom is also hilarious, super-smart, an incredible parent and the least selfish person I have ever met.…

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How Passion Can Mend Spirits (and Harps)

By Jessica Krampe / December 11, 2014 /

George Flores, a virtuoso in his field as a harp technician, used to be a heavy-metal singer. He admits that the sharp turn from the world of pounding rock music in 1993 to the precise, patient tuning and building of concert harps was a dramatic one. “A heavy-metal guy coming into the classical world is…

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