Personal Development

How to Solve 3 of Tech’s Biggest Time-Wasters

By Chelsea Greenwood / January 27, 2015 /

We live in a freewheeling carnival of light and sound. It’s easy to be seduced by the razzle-dazzle of our modern wonderland; before you know it, you’ve spent a whole day immersed in the time warp of YouTube, Facebook, email and Google. You emerge dazed, confused and wondering where your time went and what you…

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Take 10 Actions to Make This Your Best Day Ever

Take 10 Actions to Make This Your Best Day Ever

By Tom Hopkins / January 27, 2015 /

Are you recovering from the Monday blues, or just one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days? Less-than-good days happen, but they’re not mandatory. You can have a good day—hey, even a perfect one—anytime you want. But how? Related: 11 Secrets of Irresistible People Pay attention to what you’re doing and thinking. Here are…

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Wait… Before You Complain, Here Are 5 Things to Ask Yourself

By Guy Winch / January 26, 2015 /

The best way to deal with relationship dissatisfactions is to identify important complaints and find ways to express them constructively while letting go of less important ones. Before voicing a complaint, think through how to express it effectively. Your visiting mother-in-law might be driving you up the wall, but blurting, “Your mother drives me crazy!”…

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How to Use Sad Visions for a Happier Now

By Melissa Balmain / January 25, 2015 /

While watering a perky rowof daisies on my patio,I dread October’s freezesand picture every stem turned brown,each shriveled leafstalk hanging down,each petal gone to Jesus… It’s a lame habit, all right—one that’s wrecked countless moments of my life: Instead of savoring the happy present, I find myself looking ahead to an unhappy future. Show me a cute…

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Reading List: Procrastinate on Purpose

By jjimenez / January 24, 2015 /

Everything you know about time management is wrong, writes self-discipline strategist Rory Vaden in Procastinate on Purpose. OK, why? Because time management hinges on logical factors (checklists and calendars) without accounting for the emotional underpinnings (wanting to impress or needing to feel valued) that influence how we choose to spend our time. According to Vaden,…

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Is the Glass Half Empty 0

Is the Glass Half-Empty or Half-Full?

By Shawn Achor / January 23, 2015 /

If you saw me on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey, you’ll know that Oprah and I discussed the age-old question: Is the glass half-empty or half-full? Even the positive-minded media mogul admitted to wrestling with the question. “I beat myself up because sometimes I look at it and I go, It’s definitely half-empty, and…

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Go Value Shopping to Be Successful

By Tony Jeary / January 22, 2015 /

Success doesn’t come through luck. We are successful when we achieve our objectives on purpose. That means thinking through a vision for your life and career, finding clarity about what you want to achieve, and then systematically taking the actions that will get you where you want to go. Planning makes it possible. Your plan…

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Things That Will Detour Your Success

4 Things That’ll Detour Your Success

By Teri Nichole Harrison / January 22, 2015 /

We are living in the Success Age, when the need for achievement and the pursuit of wealth have become both obsessive and mainstream—and the conversation about success lingers everywhere we go, everywhere we look, on TV and social media, in self-help books and magazines. But the biggest threat to our achievement lies inside us. It’s…

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Phenomenal Feedback

5 Strategies for Giving Phenomenal Feedback

By SUCCESS Staff / January 21, 2015 /

Alex Lickerman, M.D., author of The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self, explains how to make feedback count. 1. Know your own biases. Are you more interested in being liked than in giving honest feedback? Feedback should always serve the person receiving it. 2. Have the person rate himself. By listing their…

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Reading List: Getting to Yes with Yourself

By jjimenez / January 21, 2015 /

The biggest impediment to a successful negotiation isn’t the person sitting on the other side of the desk or dinner table. It’s our human tendency to react in ways that ultimately undermine our interests, writes William Ury, co-founder of Harvard’s Program on Negotiation and co-author of the worldwide best-seller Getting To Yes. To illustrate the…

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