20 Motivational Quotes to Kick-Start the New Year

By Madison Plott / December 31, 2019 /

With the new year comes new goals, but you first need inspiration to set them and motivation to achieve them. If you want to make this your best year ever, check out these quotes to help you kick-start 2020 the right way.

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2019’s Most Popular Articles on

By SUCCESS Staff / December 31, 2019 /

Of all the things you read on this year—about achieving your goals, boosting your confidence, improving your life—these are the articles you liked most.

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25 Quotes About the Spirit of Christmas

By Madison Plott / December 20, 2019 /

‘Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.’

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8 Things That Motivate Lawrence Mestel

By SUCCESS Staff / December 6, 2019 /

A veteran of the entertainment industry, Lawrence Mestel defines success as ‘that delicate equilibrium between a happy team, happy artists we represent, happy investors, and happy friends and family.’

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Ask Yourself These 4 Questions to Make This Your Best Year Yet

By Patti Johnson / December 1, 2019 /

The new year is packed with possibilities, including a fresh, new start. Still, many people scrap making resolutions all together, thinking they never work. This year, set aside time to figure out what you want to do and how you are going to do it.

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The Determination Factor: Do You Have It?

By SUCCESS Staff / November 29, 2019 /

The Determination Issue of SUCCESS fosters the development of motivation and drive in pursuit of all of your goals.

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40 Quotes About Gratitude

By Madison Plott / November 28, 2019 /

Be thankful for both the ups and downs in life, because each and every experience has shaped you into who you are today.

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12 Veterans Day Quotes to Honor Our Heroes

By SUCCESS Staff / November 11, 2019 /

Thank you—today and every day—to all of the brave men and women who have served and sacrificed so that we may be free.

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31 Quotes About Fear

By SUCCESS Staff / October 31, 2019 /

Don’t let the things you are afraid of—failure, change, adversity, the unknown—stop you from going after the things you want most. Instead, find the courage to do what scares you.

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10 Ways to Cultivate Fearlessness

By Michael Pietrzak / October 31, 2019 /

Courage is an essential life skill; it allows us to ‘do it anyway.’ But wouldn’t you rather transcend your fears? This is how to set yourself on the path of fearlessness.

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