Profiles in Greatness – Eleanor Roosevelt

By Amy Anderson / December 2, 2008 /

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right—for you’ll be criticized anyway.” Eleanor Roosevelt spoke these words from experience. During her years in public service, she was often criticized for her progressive and democratic opinions. While her husband, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was initiating the New Deal policies that would enable the nation…

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Words of Wisdom: UCLA Legend John Wooden

By Brenna Fisher / July 1, 2008 /

During his coaching career at UCLA, John Wooden led the basketball team to an 88-game winning streak and 10 NCAA championship titles. But Wooden is equally famous for being a mentor and lifelong teacher, with several books published on his insights and methods for leadership. The following include some of his key strategies. Related: Timeless…

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The Time Is Now

By Les Brown / June 5, 2008 /

 ‘Each day is a gift filled with opportunities to rise above fear, self-doubt and mediocrity to fulfill our purpose.’

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Rules for Success from a Motivating Taxi Driver

By admin / February 1, 2008 /

One morning in Houston, Texas, I caught a taxi (to go to a breakfast meeting) and during a short ride I heard one of the finest sales talks on America and free enterprise that I ever heard. The cab driver had been a professional healthcare provider in his native Nigeria, but he preferred living in…

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