young child learning entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneurial Skills for Kids: 7 Traits to Teach Your Children

By Jen Prosek / August 6, 2015 /

These are the seven entrepreneurial skills kids need most to succeed when they grow up—and how to help your children build them.

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happy couple moving into a new house

The 3 Ways People React to Change—and How to Be More Proactive

By Colette Carlson / July 7, 2015 /

There are 3 ways people react to change: non-active, reactive, and proactive. Here’s what each means, and how you can better embrace change.

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woman changed attitude by finding humor in situation

How to Change Your Attitude and Make Your Bad Mood Disappear

By Steve Rizzo / February 24, 2015 /

When you find yourself in a bad mood and need to change your attitude quickly, try this trick. It’s guaranteed to boost your mood.

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older entrepreneur using headphones to listen to a podcast

Now Hear This: 8 Podcasts to Enrich Your Mind and Soul

By Josh Ellis / January 29, 2015 /

Headphones and earbuds are everywhere. You see people wearing them while shopping at the grocery store, driving their cars, walking down the street, exercising at the gym and even while they’re at work. It wasn’t this way when the Walkman came out. Why must everyone be listening to tunes 24 hours a day, seven days…

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