people planting trees to celebrate earth day

5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

By Carla McKirdy / April 22, 2017 /

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day this year (April 22), we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 ideas from around the globe.

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woman reading book in bed to boost brain power

5 Books About the Brain to Read If You Want to Be a Badass

By Tom Bilyeu / April 19, 2017 /

These five books about the brain will help you supercharge your mind, unlock some of its mysteries and unleash your full potential.

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woman overwhelmed with being a people pleaser

4 Ways to Stop Being a People Pleaser

By Patty Onderko / April 17, 2017 /

Looking for your sense of self-worth in the approval of others never works, so here’s how to stop being a people pleaser and set boundaries.

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6 Mindset Shifts to Overhaul Your Perspective

6 Mindset Shifts to Overhaul Your Perspective

By Mick Ukleja / February 21, 2017 /

Discomfort doesn’t lead to breakdown. It leads to breakthrough. By avoiding discomfort, we can survive. Stepping into it is how we thrive.

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