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Creating an Environment for Success with Dr. Adeel Khan
Creating an Environment for Success with Dr. Adeel Khan
Adeel Khan and Tristan Ahumada also discuss managing your attention, avoiding shortcuts in life and current regenerative medicine research, including Khan’s own entrepreneurial and research projects. 


Friendship Anxiety: What It Is and How to Manage It

Do you feel like your friends hate you or think poorly of you? You might be experiencing friendship anxiety. Keep reading to learn more about friendship anxiety and how to...
Shy man with friendship anxiety

When It Come to Employee Mental Health, These 10 Companies Are Setting the Example

From the workplace environment to the community at large, here are 10 companies that support mental health awareness for their employees.
Coworkers meditating together on the floor before a meeting exemplifying companies that support mental health

Wondering How to Become a Morning Person? Try These 8 Techniques

Being a morning person may come naturally to some, but anyone can become a morning person with a few techniques. Read more to find out how.
Photograph of a woman with long brown hair from behind sitting on her bed in her pajamas stretching her arms in front of a bright window to demonstrate she is a morning person

Need a Mental Health Day? Look for These Signs

Author and mindset coach Katie Horwitch shares how to identify whether you need to take a mental health day and what to do next.
Young women taking a mental health day

9 Ways to Prevent Burnout at Work When You’re Feeling Stressed

Starting to feel burned out? Nine entrepreneurs who have been there share their tips for how to prevent burnout at work.

How Successful People Beat Stress

Overwhelming anxiety and empowerment are mutually exclusive. Any time you are overcome with stress, just follow these five steps to empower yourself and regain control.

14 Science-Backed Reasons to Disconnect Over the Weekend

Boost your mood, creativity and productivity by giving yourself a break.

The Brain Warrior’s Way

The war for your health is won or lost between your ears, in the moment-by-moment decisions your brain makes every day. When your brain works right, your decisions are much...
The Brain Warrior’s Way

Top of Mind: How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Listen to your body throughout the year to mitigate the impact of any seasonal temptations.
topofmind healthyduringtheholidays