2008 SUCCESS Achiever of the Year: T. Boone Pickens

By Mary Vinnedge / May 6, 2009 /

In a half-century of business, T. Boone Pickens has gone full steam ahead in seeing and seizing opportunities, working hard, thinking innovatively and taking calculated risks. His fortunes have been down at times, and his key to bouncing back has involved building on what he learns from every experience. The Texas billionaire could choose to…

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Success Stories – Brian Scudamore

By Trent Shelton / May 5, 2009 /

When Brian Scudamore was a kid, he didn’t have bookshelves piled high with stuff or toys scattered around his room—and his 4-year-old daughter sure won’t either. “In our house, we don’t have anything in our home that we don’t either use or love,” Scudamore says. “I don’t like junk.” But when Scudamore is at work,…

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A Life of Leadership and Inspiration

By Todd Eliason / March 3, 2009 /

IT HAS BEEN SAID THAT EVERYTHING RISES AND FALLS ON LEADERSHIP. In the history of mankind, there has never been a period in any generation when we didn't need good leaders. No one knows this better than John C. Maxwell, recognized around the world as an authority on leadership. His résumé includes more than 50…

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From the Archives: Ray Kroc

By Michael Garrett / February 3, 2009 /

Ray Kroc was 52, working as a milkshake mixer salesman, when he came across clients Mac and Dick McDonald’s hamburger restaurant in Bernardino, Calif. Amazed their food assembly line delivered fast service, Kroc convinced them to franchise the company with his help. The next year, Kroc opened his first McDonald’s outside of Chicago. In 1961,…

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