Can You Squeeze 100 Extra Minutes into Each Day?

No one has enough time, yet everyone has all they’ll ever get. What we do with our 168 hours to spend each week determines what we do with our lives.

When I was 35, I wrote a book called Finding 100 Extra Minutes a Day. Every week we (should) sleep 56 hours and perform body maintenance for 12; that leaves 100 hours. If we have 100 hours a week to use as we see fit, finding just 100 minutes each day to focus on getting ahead can lead to huge results. There are surefire ways to go about this. I’m certain you’ll find that you have been wasting more time than you ever realized.

1. You must learn to manage procrastination, and if you do feel the need to put things off, practice production before perfection (you don’t have to have all the details about a problem before you can start conceptualizing possible solutions).

2. Manage your habits effectively to eliminate time-wasters (prioritizing and delegating are vital) and look for ways to create elegant solutions (doing one thing to accomplish multiple objectives—maybe invite your kid on a business trip). You will find that you have more productive time and see more of the superior results you want.

3. You must avoid people who suck time and energy out of your day. Detox your life from anyone who isn’t good for you, wastes your time or distracts you from your goals.

If you can learn how to strategically manage your time, you can win big, both personally and professionally.

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Tony Jeary is an author, executive coach and presentation strategist. Jeary has published more than three dozen books about making presentations and strategic effectiveness. He coaches the world's top executives from companies such as Wal-Mart, Ford, New York Life and Texaco.

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