Building your Body and Future Self with Casey Fleyshman

Building your Body and Future Self with Casey Fleyshman

Do you speak to your past self? How about your future self? Casey Fleyshman, certified personal trainer and nutritionist, finds power in doing this to self-reflect and guide her life. This week, she and Law of Attraction host Natasha Graziano discuss her daily routine, the power of naps, intuitive eating, listening to your body and overcoming fears. 

One of Fleyshman’s favorite parts of being a personal trainer was being able to help people one-on-one, but she realized her goals went farther than that; she wanted to be able to reach as many people as possible. Now, she hopes her book will allow her to do so and help more people to become happier in their bodies. Fleyshman continues on to discuss why a one size fits all approach to nutrition doesn’t work, how talking to her past and future self has helped her to get through difficult situations, and how her exercise and eating regimens focus on what her body needs rather than a set routine.

Casey’s new book is The Glute Bible. You can find her on Instagram @caseylovesfitness

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