Breakthrough Expert Shares the Secrets to Reinvention

As the author of The 4-Hour Workweek and its two best-selling follow-up books, as well as the voice behind the leading business and personal development podcast, Tim Ferriss has crafted a niche as the foremost authority on pivoting to do new, exciting things, and seeing big results fast. He tells SUCCESS editor Josh Ellis that it’s easier to reinvent yourself and spin into an exciting new life than most people think, and there are some simple steps to make such a monumental transformation, whether it’s to start a new business or chase any kind of dream.

For this story, Ellis and a photography team spent time with Ferriss is in his hometown of San Francisco, talking lifestyle makeovers and entrepreneurship and taking part in a rock climbing adventure emblematic of Ferriss’ bold, fearless way of life. Readers can expect to find proven strategies for achieving their biggest goals sooner than they ever imagined.

“Reinvention comes down to asking better questions about yourself, your direction, your objectives, and also being very honest. It’s something that everyone has the capacity to do, but a lot of people fear doing.”

Tim Ferriss tells SUCCESS magazine, November 2015 cover story

Ferriss, who left a frustrating sales job to start his own company, then found a way to make it prosper while living a life of carefree travel in Europe, explains in the SUCCESS cover story that one of the most important things you can do is examine your fears. If you are afraid to go for broke to reach your own happiness, he explains, it’s often based on the potential for a negative outcome that either isn’t likely, or wouldn’t be so bad anyway. The resulting realization, much of the time, is that there are no excuses.

Who is Tim Ferriss?

  • This quest for efficiency is the underlying theme of his trio of best-sellers in the 4-Hour book series: The 4-Hour Workweek (2007)The 4 Hour Body (2010) and The 4-Hour Chef (2012).
  • His podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show is routinely ranked as iTunes’ most downloaded in the business category.
  • In 2015 he unveiled his television series, The Tim Ferriss Experiment. Originally filmed for HLN, the show involves Ferriss attempting to master complex skills like rock ‘n’ roll drumming, surfing, poker, learning a new language and even approaching women in just a few short days of devoted, intense practice.
  • The New York Times likened him to a cross between former General Electric CEO Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk, and The New Yorker called him the self-help guru for the millennial generation.

“My entire life has been focused on questioning assumptions. I’ve seen a lot of smart people fail when they aren’t questioning assumptions.”

—Tim Ferriss tells SUCCESS magazine, November 2015 cover story

What’s Inside This Issue

The November 2015 issue of SUCCESS magazine, featuring Tim Ferriss, is all about reinvention—how to become the person you want to be in business and life.

Reinvention of a personal and professional nature is covered in depth in this issue of SUCCESS, with a mix of inspiring stories of the people who have made big life changes to service-driven articles that teach you how to do the things you’ve always wanted to become happier and more successful.

Writer Scott Bedgood tells the curious story of Dan McLaughlin, who left a good job as a photographer on his 30th birthday to pursue a career in professional golf – a game he had never played before. McLaughlin has put the theory of 10,000 hours in devoted practice to the test, and we check on his progress as he nears the finish line.

Another story of major change in the November issue is that of Andrew Zimmern, the host of Travel Channel staple Bizarre Foods, who just two decades ago was a homeless “everything addict,” as he explains, living in an abandoned building in New York Citybefore getting clean and sober and adopting a new mission in life. Writer Jeff Vrabel discovers what changed for Zimmern on a deeper level.

The SUCCESS Guide to Getting Fired is an investigation of how to see life-altering change coming in the workplace, adjust your behavior in the event that your job can be saved or line yourself up for the best outcome if a pink slip truly is inevitable. Writer Stephanie Dolgoff talks to experts in this circumstance who picked themselves up and started businesses of their own, explaining why this career setback may be just the springboard your life needs.

SUCCESS magazine writers and editors are available for interviews about the Tim Ferriss cover story and other features, including a massive compilation of reasons to express gratitude during this time, the Thanksgiving season, as well as the story of an autistic boy who learned to communicate again by being comforted by beloved Disney characters and even advice on healthy holiday feasts from Drs. Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen.


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SUCCESS is your guide for personal and professional development through inspiration, motivation and training.

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