Brandon Lucero, Digital Communications Expert, Chooses Alignment Over Everything Else


PUBLISHED: December 2, 2022
Brandon Lucero, Digital Communications Expert, Chooses Alignment Over Everything Else

Think about how much you use digital communications in one day. Emails, texts, Facebook Messenger—the list goes on. The platforms used to communicate digitally are expanding. As a society, we rely heavily on these forms of communication to function. The days of pen and paper and even faxing documents are over. We’ve entered the digital age. 

Brandon Lucero, an entrepreneur focusing on messaging and communication, knew he wanted to pursue a career in digital art. However, throughout a series of life events, taking different routes and approaches, it took Lucero longer than he’d hoped to find his passion. After many different jobs, business ventures and hiccups in life, Lucero found his path and launched his personal brand—with a focus on business communications and messaging. Although his journey was not always smooth sailing, finding his success story in his passion for communications proved to be worthwhile in helping his clients find their paths to success. 

These are the lessons he’s learned along the way. 

Master your craft. 

Lucero went to UC Irvine on a track scholarship to pursue a degree in digital art. Despite his scholarship and the expectations for him to get a degree, he never wanted to attend college. He would end up getting his wish, but not in the way that he expected. 

“I ended up developing Lyme disease. That cost me my scholarship and I ended up dropping out of college,” Lucero says. 

Over the next few years, he committed himself to a cushy job as the vice president of a company. 

“I worked with my dad as a VP for his company and it was great. I learned some; he paid me well—life was pretty easy,” he says.

 Unfortunately, his father’s business went under, and he spent the next few years trying to find his way. Over the next few years, he would try to find himself with jobs in door-to-door sales, selling videos to businesses and launching a video marketing agency. 

Failure only happens when you stop. 

After a few years of trying different ventures, he found his first business success: Sold With Video. 

“The goal with Sold With Video was to help companies grow their online presence by selling them videos,” Lucero says. 

Despite a slow start, he refused to give up on his business. 

“After several months of going door to door trying to sell these videos, I dove into the world of video SEO and realized success was more tied to the exposure of a video than the quality or content alone,” he says.

This realization changed the course of his company and led him to start a business line teaching video marketing to others. In less than a year, he had built his income to several millions of dollars. Although he has moved on from this business, he believes it was the turning point in his professional life. 

“If you keep trying, something will eventually work. You just have to be dedicated to what you are trying to accomplish,” he says. 

It’s OK to move on.

Despite his success, Lucero started to hate his business. 

“You have to listen to your mind. If something feels wrong, it’s probably time to move on,” he says 

With his business operating at a high level, Lucero found himself becoming increasingly detached, bored and irritated to the point that he decided to call it quits on his business.  

“I knew I was out of alignment when I despised the people paying me money,” he says. 

Determined to do something that aligned with his values, he quit and went back to square one: finding something that he was passionate about and aligned with his values. For Lucero, his main problem with his business is that he felt he was sacrificing his No. 1 value for his success. 

“The whole reason for starting a business was to create more time for my family,” he says. “I was missing that.” 

The takeaway? Don’t be afraid to move on if you’re sacrificing your values for your success. As a result of his pivot, Lucero was able to transform his business to a personal brand with a focus on his New Generation Mastery program. The goal with his company is two-fold: Help business owners dial in on their message, communication and drive revenue. The second is to help individuals be prepared for the shift from jobs to a permanent gig and entrepreneurial economy. 

Lock in on your message.

When Lucero first launched his business, he was driven by a desire to help business owners solve problems: “We look to work with business partners that want to make a real change in the world. Coaches, consultants and others that are trying to help others fulfill their life purpose.” Over the past few years, Lucero has made several million dollars every year by helping coaches lock in on the message that resonates with their potential clients. 

“You have to stand out from the crowd,” he says. “We teach our clients to stand out by standing against something that is wrong in the world. Whether it’s limiting beliefs, bad information or lack of resources—your company has to show the problem it solves.”

As he is seeing stability and fulfillment with the success of his current business, Lucero is looking to focus on a new program. 

“Currently, we are launching our New Generation Entrepreneur podcast,” Lucero says. “It’s in the beginning stages, but we want to start drawing attention to the shift happening in our society. Jobs are declining and the next decade or so will show a necessary shift to entrepreneurship.”

Lucero is a successful entrepreneur who has built his wealth helping others stand out in the crowded world of entrepreneurship. Although he is certainly motivated by helping others to find their voice and create wealth, he is more concerned with living in alignment with his values and making sure that he is walking in the purpose the universe has for him. To learn more, check out his website or Instagram.

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