Bobby Jones: Finding Success and Financial Freedom


PUBLISHED: November 2, 2022
Bobby Jones: Finding Success and Financial Freedom

Bobby Jones is a longtime entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate world. After developing a passion for teaching people how to achieve their financial goals, Jones has taken the skills and abilities he has learned through the years and instituted it into achievable learning points for people to become financially independent. His journey to success hasn’t been a walk in the park, but rather a series of hard choices and smart decisions that have made him who he is today. 


One of the first lessons Jones learned in his career was the importance of being transparent. Once he got into real estate, money flow was easy to Jones. Rising to the top, he became a millionaire before he was 30. However, the combination of the 2008 recession and a divorce left Jones with nothing. Yet, he didn’t waver at adversity. 

Jones continued to work hard. He made the most of what he could with what he had, and he planted seeds that have grown and flourished into smarter financial decisions today that have exceeded what he was able to accomplish prior to 2008. Having multiple streams of income in investments, businesses and jobs has helped Jones be able to manage his money and his time appropriately. He understands the importance of being honest with his clients, agents, his family and himself. Because of his genuine attitude in his business, he has been able to form extraordinary relationships that have helped him succeed even more than he imagined. 


Becoming a man of faith has made all the difference for Jones’ career. He makes it a point to wake up at 4 a.m. every day to pray and reflect—making sure he starts his day off with the right perspective. “As a man of faith,” Jones says, “I believe honesty and integrity should be the basis of any business.” Along with his desire to stay rooted religiously, Jones incorporates the law of reciprocity into all of his business transactions—he gives first as he receives in order to bless the first fruits. Jones knows that his life and career are gifts, and he doesn’t want to waste them. 

The opportunity for Jones to get into real estate was also, as Jones puts it, “divine intervention.” Leading up to his time as an entrepreneur, Jones tinkered with the idea of building computers, but he also worked at a real estate office. One day, he asked one of the owners a few questions about what it would look like to become involved and the man took Jones under his wing and paid for his licensing and education. Unfortunately, shortly after Jones passed his exam and worked in this office, the man who helped him make it possible passed away. Jones knows God had a plan for him in real estate, and he has worked hard to make it happen trusting that God will continue to open doors for him. 


In addition to his faith and attitude, Jones seeks out key relationships. He has seen the benefit in his own life of making time to connect with business partners as well as his family and friends. Being able to build a life where he can pour into the people he loves and appreciates has been one of the biggest goals of Jones’ career. Making time to focus on the relationships that matter and help Jones be the best he can be helps him remain grounded in life, family and business. 

Being an entrepreneur can seem lonely at times, for you can always feel like you have to accomplish everything on your own. However, because Jones was invested into by many at the beginning of his career, he now wants to invest into other people. One of Jones’ companies focuses on promoting the agents they attract. This company has no overhead so they can invest more money into attracting agents as well as giving them an opportunity to have ownership in the company they work for. Once you become an owner of something, you try to care for it and support its success; as do the agents Jones brings aboard his company because they are being supported. 

Building a financially free life

Jones didn’t grow up with a lot of money, but he was cared for and provided for. To Jones, making money became easy—especially once he started in real estate. Building a career that has multiple avenues for revenue has helped Jones give back to people that he loves. 

Because of the freedom Jones found by making financially wise decisions, he is passionate about leading others to learn how to become debt free and have their money make money for them. Investments, real estate, whatever tangible avenues can be acquired, Jones wants to help people find confidence in their financial decisions. 

If you are interested in learning more about Jones, his company or his upcoming plans, be sure to check out his website or give him a follow on Instagram

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