Inspire Greatness
ISBN 9781637745076

Inspire Greatness

By Matt Tenney

Quickly and sustainably improve employee motivation, engagement and performance with this simple, four-step process from a top leadership expert.

Leadership tends to be thought of as an art, not a science. Imagine the benefits of having an algorithm–a repeatable process based on decades of research on what motivates employees–that any leader could follow to consistently inspire greatness in others.

From sought-after speaker and consultant Matt Tenney, Inspire Greatness outlines a simple, scalable, four-step process that enables leaders to routinely bring out the best in team members and improve performance by:

  • Taking responsibility for employee engagement and acting from the wisdom that their primary job is to inspire greatness in their team members
  • Identifying what team members need to thrive and do great work
  • Collecting regular feedback on how well direct supervisors are meeting the 14 universal needs people have for being engaged at work
  • Pairing feedback for leaders with bite-size learning that is easy to consume and act on immediately

Tightly synchronizing employees’ feedback with targeted, microlearning for their direct managers creates an incredibly powerful, synergistic effect by: (1) dramatically increasing the likelihood that managers will develop lasting habits that contribute to employee engagement and (2) allowing employees to see meaningful action almost immediately in response to their feedback.

Inspire Greatness is a practical guide to consistently bringing out the best in team members while also helping you and other leaders in your organization realize deep meaning and fulfillment at work.


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