Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be

When it came time for Robin Sharma to carve out a life for himself, becoming a lawyer seemed right. Although he had loving parents, there was never abundance during his childhood, and he was determined to find a way to prosper as an adult. His life as a litigation lawyer provided money, status and all the trappings of the success he envisioned. But Sharma felt something was missing—that a vital part of him was silently starving to death.

After serious thought, he discovered that in achieving his picture-perfect life, he had sacrificed authenticity. “I had lost a clear sense of the vision and values instilled in me as a child and was no longer driven by any mission or passion,” he says. “I made the difficult decision to pull back from the noise of my life and reinvent the way I was living and leading.” Sharma became a student of authentic leadership. He realized his own success had been skin-deep, prompting a closer examination of his inner motivations.

To become a great leader, one must first become a great person, Sharma says. “You cannot lead others until you have first learned to lead yourself. Many individuals have become victims of their circumstances rather than overcoming them, which leads to an addiction to excuses.”

At a crucial juncture in life, Sharma chose to learn from those who had demonstrated meaningful leadership skills. Now he offers the same opportunity to anyone desiring to be successful in leadership and in life. During the blog challenge, Sharma will offer practical ways to live a life of excellence and will expound on the principles taught in his latest book. His view from both sides of success gives Sharma a unique perspective and the ability to assist others in developing authentic, enduring success.

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