Be the CEO of Your Own Health with Maria Menounos

Be the CEO of Your Own Health with Maria Menounos

“I always say the brain tumor was the greatest gift, because it knocked me down so I could reassess and redefine success for myself,” says Maria Menounos in today’s episode of Law of Attraction with host Natasha Graziano. 

You know her as an actor, journalist and former host of Extra and E! News, but Menounos has also had a complicated health history. Now, she’s ringing the alarm for everyone to take their health into the highest of considerations. This week, Menounos talks with Graziano and encourages us to believe we are worthy of taking care of ourselves by getting healthier in mind, body and spirit. She shares her health history, morning routine, self care process and how she puts herself first to feel better day by day. 

Menounos’ journey to focusing on health and wellness began with illnesses in her own family—her father was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and both she and her mother were given a brain tumor diagnosis. After her surgery, as people began asking her for help with their own diagnoses, she began to notice patterns—namely, that women have to be everything to everyone else, but don’t take the time to care for their own health unless they’re sick or injured. Now, she discusses why women need to start taking care of themselves, where her journey to help people has taken her and her personal definition of success.

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