Barbara Corcoran on Life as an Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial life is not an easy one. But Barbara Corcoran is the first to say the sacrifice is worth the benefit. Before she was a successful business woman, an investor on ABC’s Shark Tank and mother of two, Corcoran had held 20 different jobs and started The Corcoran Group with just $1,000. It seems she’s done it all. That’s why we asked Laura Vanderkam, author of I Know How She Does It and the What the Most Successful People Do series, to interview Corcoran and discover the secret to her success.

This interview appears on the SUCCESS Talks Collection June 2016 edition. 



  • Why work-life balance is something you can chase but not always something you can accomplish—and why that’s OK
  • The benefits of declaring war on your cell phone
  • What Corcoran looks for in an entrepreneur who appears on Shark Tank:
    1. Street smarts
    2. Enormous energy
    3. The ability to take a hit and bounce back
  • The power of a good mentor and asking for help when you need it


Favorite Quote From This Episode: 

“I think you have to charge at life as though you’re never gonna run out of time, and you put all your energy and focus on what you’re about to do and worry about bridges when you come them.” — Barbara Corcoran


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