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Zhena Muzyka

Zhena Muzyka
Zhena Muzyka is a social entrepreneur, author, public speaker and the publisher of Enliven Books, a new Mind-Body-Spirit imprint from Atria/Simon and Schuster. As the host of Change Maker CBS radio podcast, Zhena explores the inner terrain of personal development with best-selling authors, politicians, artists, experts and business leaders. Zhena’s book, Life by the Cup, chronicles her experience of growing a multimillion-dollar fair trade tea company, Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, as a single mom with $6 to her name in hopes of inspiring others to achieve their most audacious dreams.


Stressed? 5 Simple Ways to Prevent Burnout

By Zhena Muzyka | May 27, 2015

I just had my voicetested via a new technology called Kijini, which analyzes the tone of your voice for personality traits and nutritional deficiencies (pretty amazing!). My voice indicated that I’m deficient in lutein and B-vitamins—both easy fixes. The personality portion, though, revealed this: “You spread yourself too thin.” Well, that’s no surprise, I thought—who…