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5 ‘Do Not Disturb’ Tips for Avoiding Tech Distractions

By YEC | August 13, 2015

You’re sitting in your cubicle, minding your own business, when a little “bing!” rings—Gchat is requesting your attention. Without hesitation, you minimize the document you were working on to see what’s up. It’s a link from your co-worker to a Buzzfeed article about the 21 cutest cats everrrrrrrr. So, obviously, you click it… and that’s…

7 Easy Hacks for Productive Mornings

By YEC | August 10, 2015

You casually glance away from the Excel sheet you’re working on and down at the time in the bottom corner of your screen, expecting to see 10:00 a.m., maybe 10:30. But nope—it’s noon. NOON! And you’ve barely crossed off to-do No. 1. OK, so maybe you pressed snooze one too many times, couldn’t find anything…

ThingsGoodLeadersNeverSay 0

9 Things Good Leaders Never Say

By YEC | July 6, 2015

Think before you speak. Duh. We all know that. But, be real, do you actually do it? No? Then shhh! There are some things you should never be caught saying—especially if you call yourself a leader. Because you have the power to influence people, you’ve got to choose the right words. If you don’t, you…

Too Busy for Vacation? 11 Original Ways to Recharge This Summer

By YEC | July 3, 2015

Ah, summertime! Sun’s up, pool’s open, life’s good. Except it’s not all sunshine and beach-bumming for everyone—especially not for business owners or busy professionals. When the days and weeks run together and the months turn into one never-ending blur, it’s not hard to fly by summer, stuck in the 9-to-5, without even a nod of…

Do These 12 Things Before Your Next Speech or Presentation

By YEC | June 16, 2015

Are your palms sweating as little droplets sneak their way down the side of your face? Is your heart pounding so hard that’s all you can hear? Did your tongue just turn to sandpaper? It sounds like you’ve got a speech to give. Public speaking might not be your “thing,” but anyone can give a…

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9 Smooth Negotiation Techniques That Never Fail

By YEC | May 26, 2015

There you are, sitting across the table from a frustrating situation—he wants one thing (say, vanilla ice cream), and you want something else (swirl, duh). You’re about to begin what could be a heated negotiation. So how do you approach it? How do you smooth talk your way to sweet, swirlin’ success? Whether you’re trying…

12 Things All Effective Leaders Do

By YEC | May 18, 2015

You’re the boss. But that doesn’t have to be synonymous with bad guy—and it shouldn’t be, because horrible bosses aren’t the most effective ones. You can be a leader your employees like, respect and trust, one who gets the job done, well and the right way—no condescending, arrogant, too-good-for-this-office bossing around needed (or wanted). Related: 9…

7 Things Great Leaders Never Do Again

By YEC | May 5, 2015

Good leaders can take a budding business and make it grow and flourish. Great leaders take a step back once it’s in bloom. But how, without letting the company wilt? We asked the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), “What is one thing all leaders—founders, CEOs, managers—should say no to as their company grows, and why?” 1.…

The 8 Most Important Basics of an Elevator Pitch

By YEC | March 20, 2015

The “up” button glows orange as you wait. You can hear its motors moving as you watch the lights descend from floor 10, then 9, then 8… then a loud a clunk when it hits 1. The elevator doors slide open, and you walk inside. And just when you think you’re riding solo to floor…

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13 Pieces of Career Advice to Help You Flourish at Work

By YEC | March 13, 2015

Whether you’re just starting out, fresh off campus, or celebrating an impressive work anniversary, there’s always chatter: Make sure you do this. Are you doing that? Don’t do this. Here’s my advice… But chatter gets lost, forgotten. And that’s unfortunate. Because some of that chatter is good stuff—really good stuff. So we asked the Young…