Vince Chiofolo

Vince Chiofolo
Vince Chiofolo is founder of Boom Digital, a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in supporting the growth of early-stage startup companies. He is a passionate digital marketing specialist with a track record of evangelizing technology to modernize business development and brand building through strategic data-driven campaign management. Vince focuses on demand-generation programs that influence growth, including marketing automation, social media, digital advertising, search engine optimization, blogging, public relations, video and event marketing.

The Anatomy of a Killer Brand

By Vince Chiofolo | April 30, 2015

Every business owner knows it’s important to offer a high-quality product or service. But, lo and behold, with a high volume of competition, that’s not enough anymore. A unique identity is critical to stand out from the crowd—and effective branding is one key to thrive at this. So what makes one brand awesome and edgy,…

Is Your Brand’s Social Media Stale?

By Vince Chiofolo | April 13, 2015

Social media’s a lot of fun (celebrity tweets, Candy Crush or cat pictures—pick your own vice; I’ll take cat pics). But it’s not all fun and games. It’s a nifty marketing tool, too. But be that as it may, a brand’s pure existence on social media won’t drive the organic traffic mandatory for a strong…