Victor Yocco

Victor Yocco
Victor Yocco is a researcher and strategist at Intuitive Company, a Philadelphia-based design firm. His current speaking and writing interests include strategy and leadership, and interpreting the application of theory and research to digital design.

Changing Things Up? Get These 5 People on Board

By Victor Yocco | April 23, 2015

Perhaps you have a great idea and have been charged with implementing it. Or maybe you have worked your way up from junior management and are now tasked with sharing your new, youthful ideas with a legacy staff that’s been there for years. Leaders often get tasked to reinvent or bring about change to a…

What Kind of Leader Are You?

By Victor Yocco | February 3, 2015

Chances are you know what type of leader you are. I’m approachable, easy to work with and trust my people to do their best work. But are you sure? There are a multitude of categorized types of leaders, and unlike what some might think, there isn’t one right way to lead. Knowing what leadership style,…