Modern Mentorship Is Changing, But It’s Still About Relationships

Modern Mentorship Is Changing, But It's Still About Relationships

Through conversations with experts, mentors and mentees (some retired, others just beginning their careers) SUCCESS set out to understand how mentorship has changed and what that means for pursuing achievement today. Although the approach to mentorship may have evolved, it appears that some attributes remain timeless. 

Maybe It’s Not ADHD: Why Smart Professionals Struggle at Work

Maybe It’s Not ADHD: Why Smart Professionals Struggle at Work

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Do you fidget through meetings or lose track of appointments? Feel like you’re not working to your full potential because you feel scattered in different directions? If you answered yes, don’t worry, you’re not crazy—but perhaps you are crazed. Most business professionals suffer from a newly recognized neurological phenomenon […]

Do All Entrepreneurs Have ADHD?

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs credit their Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for their accomplishments. Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson and JetBlue Airways founder David Neeleman both speak openly about their ADHD and how they wouldn’t be anywhere without the creativity, vision and ability to take risks that seem to stem from it. Working with […]

The Entrepreneur’s Ferrari Brain… with Bicycle Brakes

In my 30 years of working with business owners around the world, both as a consultant and as a psychiatrist, I have developed a keen appreciation for how the magical mind of the entrepreneur operates. I have learned that what separates successful from frustrated small-business owners is their ability—or inability—to capitalize on their massive psychological […]