Ty Ward

Ty Ward
Ty Ward is an author, CEO & donut aficionado. He runs ADVOCATE, an agency that helps influencers build & monetize brands online. He writes about optimizing daily routines on tyward.co. Otherwise, you’ll find him at home in Santa Barbara, California, with his wife, Analee, and two boys—likely eating donuts.

He recently released Rhythms: How to design your day to optimize success.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Success by Optimizing Your Energy

By Ty Ward | September 1, 2016

  “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” —Benjamin Franklin   Energy has always been elusive to me. In grade school, I refused to put anything in my mouth other than carbs and sugar. I was not the skinny kid. Nor the energetic one. My eating habits matured over time, but my energy levels never quite…