Tony Alessandra

Tony Alessandra


The Skill You’ve Always Wanted: How to Instantly Read People

By Tony Alessandra | October 4, 2017

Solve the people puzzle by discovering 4 distinguishable traits.

Do You Have Adaptability?

By Tony Alessandra | November 3, 2016

Learn how to become a more adaptable person. It’s easier than you might think.

7 Qualities of the Most Charming People

By Tony Alessandra | April 14, 2015

You know the guy. He’s poised. He’s confident. And when he speaks to people, it’s in a strong measured voice, a relaxed tone and his words are well-chosen. Even his classy but understated appearance seems to fixate everyone around him. But it’s not what he’s saying or how he looks. It’s his whole being. As…