Tara Nieuwesteeg

Tara Nieuwesteeg
Tara Nieuwesteeg is a Dallas-based freelance writer.


Thinking About Starting a Side Hustle?

By Tara Nieuwesteeg | August 14, 2018

Join the YouEconomy to streamline the transition from employed to self-employed (or to make some extra cash).

Why Traveling the World Is the Best Investment in Yourself

Why Traveling the World Is the Best Investment in Yourself

By Tara Nieuwesteeg | March 2, 2018

Sometimes the best thing you can do to improve yourself is to go someplace new, far away.

What I Learned the Year We (Nearly) Skipped Christmas

By Tara Nieuwesteeg | December 25, 2017

Things didn’t go as planned. But the gifts keep on giving.

How to Make the Best of a Bad Situation

By Tara Nieuwesteeg | December 20, 2017

Don’t turn a little bump in the road into a dramatic obstacle.

How We Learned to Deal With the Unexpected

By Tara Nieuwesteeg | December 12, 2017

An unwelcome guest teaches a couple how to handle life’s unexpected interruptions and how to make the best of unfavorable situations. 

What I Learned About Myself While Researching My Family Tree

By Tara Nieuwesteeg | October 30, 2016

‘My searches had tethered me to history in a way that I’d never felt before.’