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A Love Story So Unbelievable, Investigated

By SUCCESS Academy | February 14, 2017

The late UCLA coach John Wooden once said, “Passion is temporary. Love is enduring.” Indeed, John”s love for his wife Nellie Riley is the stuff of romantic legend. As the story goes, Wooden wrote a love letter to his beloved every 21st of the month, saying how much he missed her and couldn’t wait to see…

25 Successful People’s Thoughts on the Power of Passion

25 Successful People’s Thoughts on the Power of Passion

By SUCCESS Academy | January 21, 2017

‘Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.’

What Does It Take to Become a Billionaire?

By SUCCESS Academy | January 17, 2017

Adopt the mindset people such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos have.

No, You Don’t Have to Be a Morning Person to Be Successful

By SUCCESS Academy | January 12, 2017

It’s time to debunk the ‘millionaire morning.’

Why Some People Have ‘The Golden Touch’ and How You Can Have It, Too

By SUCCESS Academy | January 10, 2017

They don’t fear the future, fret about what’s unavailable or worry that there aren’t enough resources available for their vision.


Coach John Wooden’s Legacy Lives on Through Numerous Awards

By SUCCESS Academy | November 17, 2016

Each year, athletes and coaches are recognized for traits Wooden valued: integrity, hard work, poise and talent.

Who Said It? Jim Rohn or John Wooden

Who Said It? Jim Rohn or John Wooden

By SUCCESS Academy | November 11, 2016

Great quotes from two great men

“How to Be a Champion” and 10 Other John Wooden Selections of Favorite Poems

By SUCCESS Academy | November 9, 2016

Poems to inspire a successful life

wooden whentumultuoustimes callgetbacktobasics

Wooden: When Tumultuous Times Call, Get Back to Basics

By SUCCESS Academy | October 26, 2016

By studying Coach’s teachings, you can discover how a return to the fundamentals could mean the difference in your ability to achieve.

wooden nothing will work

19 More Motivational Quotes From Coach Wooden

By SUCCESS Academy | October 19, 2016

These are the makings of a successful person.