Stephanie Dolgoff

Stephanie Dolgoff

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Fired

By Stephanie Dolgoff | October 1, 2015

Fired. Laid off. Canned. Let go. Downsized. Managed out. Graciously “granted the opportunity to pursue other income-generating possibilities that may be a better fit for all involved.” No matter how tough or gentle the boot to your behind, and regardless of the reason, having a job one day and being all too free to catch up…

Don’t Believe It

By Stephanie Dolgoff | January 14, 2013

Procrastinators are lazy.

Some are, and some aren’t, just as some non

The Perils of Procrastination

By Stephanie Dolgoff | January 13, 2013

When I posted on Facebook

How to Undo the Dawdler

By Stephanie Dolgoff | January 11, 2013

Just get started. “Don’t make it any more complicated than that,&r

Funny Work

By Stephanie Dolgoff | April 19, 2012

Eight Ways to Foster a Funny Workplace

º Be self-deprecating. Set the tone that humor is

An Office Where Funny Business Is Encouraged

By Stephanie Dolgoff | April 11, 2012

One morning around a dozen years ago, I walked into the bullpen of the magazine at which I worked, and sitting in my boss’s chair was a cheap, inflatable sex doll, one of those latex ladies in a garter and panties with a startled, round-mouth expression. We all knew who put it there: the office…