Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey
Simon T. Bailey is an international speaker, writer and personal transformation strategist. He is the author of Shift Your Brilliance: Harness the Power of You, Inc., and Be the SPARK: Five Platinum Service Principles for Creating Customers for Life. When he’s not working, he enjoys rooting for the Buffalo Bills (his hometown team).

3 Ways to Lead Yourself Into the Future

By Simon T. Bailey | January 23, 2018

There are three ways to lead yourself into the future, and it starts with understanding how to recalibrate your GPS. GPS stands for What am I grateful and

5 Ways to Create a Strategic Life Plan

By Simon T. Bailey | December 30, 2017

Today, I want to share with you five ways to create a strategic life plan. It starts with the acronym, V.A.L.U.E. Start looking at your strategic life plan

This Is What’s Holding You Back From Brilliance

By Simon T. Bailey | December 7, 2017

“It’s not who you are that holds you back from brilliant success,” Bailey says. “It’s who you think you’re not that holds you back. The best dreams are real…

Simon T. Bailey: To Break Through, Find Your True Calling

By Simon T. Bailey | June 19, 2017

In this moving talk about stepping into purpose, Simon T. Bailey challenges us to stop chasing dreams that are meant for others and follow our specific calling

How to Succeed in the YouEconomy Long Term

By Simon T. Bailey | June 10, 2017

Are you ready to carve out your place in the working world?

3 Ways to Start Living Your Dreams Today

By Simon T. Bailey | April 12, 2017

It doesn’t matter as much what you’re doing, but that you’re doing.

Why the Best Leaders Hack Their Leadership Styles

By Simon T. Bailey | April 29, 2015

Do you know your boss’s leadership style? Your own? Experts say there are three traditional leadership styles: 1. Autocratic—where the leader makes business decisions without referring to the others. This style allows quick decision-making and effective and close supervision of the team, but may lead to team dissatisfaction. 2. Transactional—where both leaders and team members…

How Giorgio Armani Got His Career Into Gear

By Simon T. Bailey | March 25, 2015

Car analogies are great for describing how motivation works, but my favorite is one you probably haven’t heard before: Engage your gears. It means putting your life into drive and positioning yourself in the middle of the action, where ideas are happening. Take fashion designer Giorgio Armani. After spending time in the armed forces, Armani…

5 Ways to Finish the Year on a High Note

By Simon T. Bailey | December 26, 2014

Why am I here? That’s the most significant question you can answer. This single question is enough to answer everything that is most important in your business and your life. So, when everything seems blurry, your productivity takes a dive and you’re not sure what you are moving toward, that’s when you need to answer…

How to Create Your “Personal” Board of Directors

By Simon T. Bailey | December 5, 2014

Your personal board of directors does not refer to a few high-ranking, intellectual individuals advising your company on crucial matters. It refers to that group of people who inspire you, motivate you and challenge you to think beyond. It is the people with whom you surround yourself, whose advice you seek on important personal and…